Megan & Chris Wedding

Megan & Chris Wedding- Ceremony

We wanted our ceremony to be sweet and succinct (folks got cocktails to drink after all) but we also wanted it to feel thoughtful and personal and to be about us.  Our officiant did a wonderful job of making it just that.  We said the traditional vows but also decided to write our own as well and I am so glad we did.  That is one of the things that I have heard from many people that they enjoyed so much.  It was also really nice to be intentional about thinking about the promises we need to keep to each other over the years and the things that we feel will help us have a successful marriage.  We kept things pretty simple in the ceremony space.  I kept seeing ideas of ceremony space decor that I liked on different wedding blogs but with the way that costs add up, I felt like this was one place I could let all the ideas go and not make a bunch of fuss about.  The landscaping in the side yard where we had the ceremony was so pretty all by itself.  Chris actually draped the white fabric over the pergola the morning of the wedding and I asked our florist Melanie from New Creations Flower Co. to add some greens to it to spruce it a bit.  The fabric was free because I had it leftover from Halloween a few years ago.  Instead of printing a bunch of programs, I used a mirror that I bought at Goodwill years ago and wrote the names of the people who were included in the ceremony on that to display near the guest table for our “program.”  One of my best friends, Andrew, was nice enough to play our processional music for us on the guitar.  He also did it for Colleen and Corey’s wedding so it has apparently become a family tradition.  He is an amazing musician and friend and I was so thankful that he was willing to do it again.  Once again, beautiful images by the lovely and talented Allison Kuhn.

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Venue- Separk Mansion


  1. Stephanie

    Sooooo pretty!

    • Megan

      Thank you Mrs. G!!!

  2. Katie

    So beautiful! I love the pictures!

    • Megan

      Thanks Katie! Me too! Allison did such a beautiful job!

  3. Jean Wilks

    Oh So Beautiful!!!!