Hi friends!  This week is a good week because it is a short one for us.  We are taking us a nice little long weekend trip to New Orleans.  Neither Colleen or I have been there before and we have been so busy lately that we haven’t even gotten to do much research.  We do have a ghost tour planned with the Voodoo Bone Lady.  The movie Skeleton Key scared the crap out of me so I am hoping we get a touch of voodoo thrown in there with the ghosts.  We will also be going to see some gators and apart from that, I have big plans for cocktail drinking in the courtyard of the cutie house we rented and eating till I puke.  Anyone know of any must do activities for us or beautiful areas that Colleen needs to photograph?  Apart from that, here are some things that have been going on lately.

happenings5-4earrings Two Delighted

It was my birthday and my mom and dad got me these sweet and delicate earrings that I am pretty smitten with.  I have been wanting studs to wear with my necklaces for a long time now and these are perfect.  I had a gift card from Christmas that I finally used and bought myself the floral skirt that they are laying on.  Hopefully y’all will be seeing it in some photos from New Orleans.

happenings5-4 cake Two Delighted

 Some of my buddies threw a joint birthday brunch for me and a couple other friends that all have close birthdays.  It was a really delight.  What is it about brunch?  Maybe it’s the mimosas.  Anyways, I made this banana cake that I have shared previously and it was every bit as  mouth watering as it was last time.  And pretty easy to make.

happenings5-4berndt Two Delighted

Calligraphy is what has been taking up the majority of my free time.  Here are a couple of the things I actually remembered to take photos of.  I almost always forget.

happenings5-4boxmailer Two Delighted

happenings5-4monogram Two Delighted

happenings5-4elly Two Delighted

Elly fell asleep on the job.

Don’t forget to let us know about any things to do in NOLA!

Thanks guys!


  1. Katie

    I’ll be in NOLA on Friday with a friend of mine. Small world! Those earrings are beautiful. Not to me nosey, but could that MY monogram?! I’m pretending it is so I can say I’m famous. Finally, Elly certainly knows how to work hard.

    • Megan

      I heard that! That is so funny that y’all will be there too! What will become of all the cats? You spotted it! That’s your stationary 😉

  2. Taylor

    I hope you guys enjoy NOLA every bit as much as I do; it’s a very special place. The spirit of the people there always inspires me. Through all the tragedy, they prevail and celebrate life through music and food. I hope you see a good second line somewhere and experience young brass bands playing on the street. Go see some local musicians if possible…. anyone you can! My buddy tells me good music places are on Frenchman Street (DBA or Spotted Cat). Also Meg, I had a blueberry mojito in a super cool/very unique bar when I went last time. My friend tells me its downtown on Magazine St. and St. Joes. They lived in the Bayou St. John/Mid City area and the houses there are superb for picture taking. Very colorful and full of character. I could probably write a book about my NOLA love but I will spare you. Just be and enjoy and embrace the culture. You can’t go wrong.

  3. Stephanie

    I love the earrings!!!! Rent a car and go out to some of the old plantations for pictures!!!! The flowers should be blooming. There are many of them along the river and you can do a few in a day trip. The Garden district would be good too. Love Katie’s Monogram.

  4. Taylor

    Also —- I’ve been eyeing some earrings/rings like this for quite some time. They look like uncut stones, yes? I need them. Beautiful!

  5. Lindsay

    Muriel’s is a beautiful and awesome restaurant , and right near cafe du monte is the Central grocery …try the Muffuletta there it’s the best in town ! I hate olives and loved this sandwich still. Sadly you can’t take pics inside the voodoo stores, have a great time!