Biltmore Wedding Calligraphy

Hey guys!  So I was supposed to have made a Valentine’s printable for y’all this week and I totally did.  However, I didn’t get to finish making a digital file out of it or taking pictures so y’all will have to make do with pretty (and lovey so therefore kind of Valentinesy??) images from a wedding that I was so excited to be able to do calligraphy for in December.  The wedding which was a creation of Katrina from Come Together Events was a total dream and just as beautiful and elegant as you could ever hope for any wedding to be.  I mean, it was at the Biltmore for goodness sakes.  I was asked to do escort cards which were arranged in a floral installation on the wall.  Die.  I also did the signs for the back of the couple’s chairs.  He is a Nascar driver and so they read “her driver” and “his passenger.”  Pretty darn cute.  The rest of the beautiful wedding stationary and various other special odds and ends were done by the very talented Elisabeth of Elisabeth Rose.  I will share a few of the gorgeous photos by The Shultzes but make sure to check out the post they did so you can see more.






You can expect a Valentine’s printable which I think can also be used the rest of the year to be coming your way first thing next week.  Have a great weekend!  If anyone needs me, I will be over here attempting to move all of Chris’s stuff into my already full house.  Should get pretty interesting.


  1. Stephanie

    It is so pretty! Would love to have a wedding there! As always , your designs look beautiful!