La Vie en Rose Calligraphy Printable

Well I finally got my act together and took pictures of the Valentine’s Day printable I made.  I used the lyrics from the Edith Piaf song, which I love, because I thought this could be something that could be used throughout the year and not just for Valentine’s Day.  I have to admit that despite it being a big commercial racket, I actually really enjoy Valentine’s Day.  Even when I have been single, I think it is a super fun day to spend time with your friends and do girly things.  This year I will be spending the day with Chris (organizing the house which is obviously the height of romance) but my friends and I are getting together for a girly brunch at a French restaurant on Sunday.  I can’t wait for some fluffy beignets and crepes with creamy sauce!

la vie en rose printable blog

To print, just click on the PDF file below and it should pop right up.  Let me know if you have any trouble.

La Vie en Rose PDF


  1. Stephanie

    Where is that French restaurant? The French printable is very pretty.

  2. Taylor

    Oh, this is just so pretty and dainty and lovely and sweet! Can’t wait for Sundee brunch!