Greenery Chandelier

When I went to Biltmore last year and saw all of the beautiful chandeliers draped with greenery, a seed was planted.  I decided that this year I was going to try putting greenery on my chandelier as well.  I will not call this a how to or a DIY as I really took no pictures in steps while I was doing this.  Furthermore, the method would differ based on what your chandelier is like.  It is just an idea that I thought would be fun to show y’all.  If you have a real Christmas tree, then your materials are basically free.  And that’s tough to beat.

greenery chandelier 2 | Two Delighted

Step one to this plan was getting a tree and cutting the straggly branches off the bottom so that it fit in my tree stand.   Then I shook out the bugs and dead leaves off of the branches outside.  I took the branches that were thinner as some of them had parts hanging off everywhere and were too crazy to work with.  I also cut parts off of each branch as needed.  Most of my branches had a natural bend so I placed them on the chandelier appropriately for the way they curved.  Then as I placed each branch on my chandelier, I attached it in an inconspicuous place with string (I used baker’s twine).  As long as the branch had a place to lay on the chandelier frame, it stayed on pretty well.  After everything seemed secure, I wrapped some tinsel garland around it and some battery operated led light strands with small battery boxes that I could hide under the branches on the frame of my chandelier.  Lastly, I hung a few snowflake ornaments.

Greenery chanddelier attachment 1 blog

Greenery chandelier attachment 2 | Two Delighted

Greenery chandelier battery box blog


greenery chandelier close | Two Delighted

Greenery chandelier 1 | Two Delighted

greenery chandelier 2-2 | Two Delighted

And that’s it.  A cheap and pretty decorating idea.  Has anyone else tried putting greenery on their chandelier?  How did it go?


  1. Sarah

    It’s lovely! I don’t have a chandelier that would really work for that, but if I did, I would totally try it!

  2. Ali


  3. Christina

    Oh, I LOVE! PLEASE come decorate my house for me. You are so dang good!!!

  4. Stephanie

    Very pretty Megan!

  5. Marilyn

    I have two chandeliers that will soon be “greened”! What a great idea. I love the little battery lights.