Halloween Decorations 2014

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my Halloween decorations this year so I could show you guys.  The problem is that I alter them throughout the course of the season and I never really feel like they are done.  But since Halloween is Friday and they will probably be coming down soon, I am finally ready to say they are done for the year.  I did some of the same things I did last year (the hanging witch hat in the same place) but I did move things around a bit as well.  This year felt a bit like I had a witch theme and I have a feeling our Salem trip might have contributed to that.  Here are some scenes from around my house…

Halloween 2014 mantel full 2 blog

Halloween 2014 mantel hand blog

Halloween 2014 mantel far blog

Halloween 2014 mantel side blog

Halloween 2014 mantel left side blog

Halloween 2014 mantel spider blog

Halloween 2014 big spider blog

halloween 2014 bats blog

Halloween 2014 window sign blog

Halloween 2014 crow blog

Halloween 2014 hat blog

Halloween 2014 window blog

Halloween 2014 shelf blog

Halloween 2014 coffee table blog

Halloween 2014 full entry table blog

Halloween 2014 skeleton blog

Halloween 2014 entry table side blog


  1. Katie

    It looks beautiful as always!

  2. Christina

    Amazing. And it always surprises me that you don’t leave your decor up year-round. It’s too awesome to only last a month! 🙂

  3. Mrs Limestone

    Looks great – love all the black and white!

  4. Stephanie G

    I really like it! It’s very pretty! Bling!!!

  5. Taylor

    Ohhhhhh I love, love, love! You are just too good. You have such an excellent collection of punkins! And I really love the hanging witch hat.

  6. Michele

    Jaw dropping with how great this is. What a fantastic job you have done, you are so creative. Thank you for sharing.