Seeing Stripes

Happy Tuesday y’all!  Ok so Tuesday isn’t quite as happy as Friday but I’m feeling footloose and fancy free since I finally took the PE exam on Friday and I can be a normal person not studying at night.  Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I passed so I don’t have to do that again.  Instead of studying I have been quite content to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat (don’t hate, the girl can write a song) and search for Halloweeny things to watch.  Also, it seems that the world wants me to purchase striped things.  That tunic has been in my cart for weeks.  It might be time to pull the trigger.


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  1. Taylor

    I know you rocked that test, girl! So glad you can return to a more normal life and enjoy your Halloween times. I wish I could rock the stripes but my body does not allow really haha. But you, my dear, would look so cute in that tunic! And I’ll get the bag and we can rock some stripes all over this town.

  2. Jenn

    Congrats on being done with your test! You will feel so much better in a few days when your body realizes it can relax again. You can never go wrong with stripes in my book. Even for your house:

  3. Jean Wilks

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures; you are a real professional now!
    So happy that you can now relax and enjoy your evenings!