October Calligraphy Printable

Happy October Friday!  I know we are a few days late on this but if you follow me on instagram, you know that I had a flea scare this week.  I found one on Juicy’s face and then I pretty much went bananas like a nutso crazy person and flea fighting has taken over my entire week’s free time.  I haven’t found one since then but everything I have read on the internet makes me scared that the fleas will take over my house and the cats and I will be out on the street so I have taken every precaution.  Anyways, I did take some time yesterday to make a calligraphy printable to celebrate the month of October.  Arguably the best and most beautiful month of the year.   There is a link below for you guys to download it so you can put it in a frame and have one for your own.  I decided to go with a light gray for a muted feel that pairs well with a gold frame (at least in my opinion).  If anyone decides to use it, let me know or send us a picture.  I would love to see.  Happy happy October!

Fall calligraphy printable image blog

October calligraphy printable

Also, if anyone has trouble bringing up this document, let us know.  We did not have our best computer technical stuff man on this job.



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