Colleen + Corey Wedding

Three Years

It’s been three years since I walked down the aisle in a dress that was slightly too long on a day that was slightly too cold (and yet, perfect) to marry Corey.  When I get too stressed out or am being ridiculously pessimistic about something, he brings me back down.  When I’m working long hours or spending nights studying, he makes sure that the house is clean and dinner is cooked.  He makes me laugh.  Every single day.  He is the most sweet, positive, and dedicated person I know.  I can’t imagine life without him.

Darling, I love you to the moon and back.  Happy anniversary!




Images by Abigail Seymour Photography

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  1. Katie

    Thank you Corey for giving me such a great sister! Happy Anniversary you two!

  2. Taylor

    Happy anniversary yall!! I get so excited whenever I get to relive your wedding. It truly was like a fairytale. Yall are so incredibly sweet and I hope one day I get to experience a love like you two share.

  3. Lindsay

    Happy Anniversary! Love y’all! What a special day!

  4. marilyn

    He is the best son-in-law I ever had.