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Seattle on Film

Seattle was everything I expected it to be: beautiful, charming, and a bit grey.  We had a ball exploring the city, taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island (where Corey basically got offered a job and I was confused as to why he didn’t take it immediately), eating all of the food in sight, and attending our cousin Matt’s lovely wedding on Lake Washington.  One of our most memorable experiences was driving up to the Sunrise Visitor Center, which admittedly sounds like a home for the elderly.  On our last day of the trip, Meg, Chris, Corey, my parents, and I crammed into the rental van (with Corey stuffed in the back with the coats) and drove 2 hours from Seattle and up a very large mountain to find ourselves at the most spectacular view of Mount Rainier and the cascades.  We were so high up that my dad, who apparently has a fear of heights that I was completely unaware of, had to stop driving.  We spent a couple of hours hiking around and just being in awe.  You really can’t believe how big it is.  For just a couple of minutes, we were even able to see the peak of Mount Rainier, which is mind blowing.  If you look at the first image below, you can just barely make out the peak.  All of these were shot on my Mamiya 645 with Fuji 400h or Portra 400.













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  1. Katie

    Those pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. Jean Wilks

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures; they are beautiful and it gave me a quick little trip in my mind! So happy you all are making great memories!

  3. Taylor

    My god, these pictures are incredible. I feel like I will need to purchase the first one and put it in a frame. Seeing these pictures today is just what I needed; my heart is full of happiness.

    • Megan

      Tay, I had a feeling you would like these. 🙂

  4. Megan

    So stunning, Bean. Your mtn pictures blow mine out of the water.

  5. marilyn

    These are truly great. What a great trip.

  6. Lindsay

    These are all beautiful! Seattle looks dreamy. Love that picture of Meg and Chris, so sweet.

  7. Jackie

    Incredible pictures a wonderful memories. You captured some magnificent views. Aunt Jackie

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