Film Photography

Pamela and Sean

Pamela and Sean were only in town for one weekend but we were able to get together so I could take some portraits.  Of course, I arrived a little early on Saturday morning to find that the location I had chosen was filled with people (and a band) who were getting ready for a 5k race.  Typical.  The three of us spent a couple of minutes trying to decide if we should go elsewhere and finally just chose to embrace the situation and dance to the music (and maybe steal some balloons).  They were just the sweetest couple and so lovely in front of the camera.   These photos were shot on my Mamiya 645 with Fuji 400h film.









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  1. Pamela

    Lovely day with a lovely and talented photographer! So excited to see the rest 🙂 XO

  2. Pamela

    Ps-‘if we want any of the B&W ones in color – is that possible?

  3. Taylor

    These are so sweet! And so good.