Duke is attractive

This weekend I attended Duke University’s graduation.  I had been there once before and I remember being super impressed with their campus.  Well, I am here to report that nothing has changed.  That place is real attractive.  And reminded me ever so slightly of Hogwarts so that was exciting.

Brandee grad- Chapel close trees | Two Delighted

Brandee grad- archway vintage | Two Delighted

Brandee grad- peonies | Two Delighted

There were peonies blooming all over there.  Further proof of their smartness.Brandee grad- door | Two Delighted

Brandee grad- stained glass | Two Delighted

Brandee grad- Chapel | Two Delighted

Brandee grad garden | Two Delighted

Brandee graduation archway ceiling | Two DelightedI didn’t get to walk through the gardens this time but I recall them being lovely.  Worth a quick day visit for sure if you live in the area.  Even if you are a Carolina fan.



  1. Stephanie

    It is a pretty campus!

  2. Taylor

    Wow! Ok… I’ll admit it… even as a Carolina fan that is a beautiful campus. Great pictures, as always, Meg.

  3. Quinn @ Kimchi & Sweet Tea

    I was raised a Carolina fan, but I have quickly fallen in love with Duke. I’m also not a huge fan of this style of architecture, but find myself a bit sad when I see new buildings go up without the signature Duke stone. The stone is actually local, quarried from Hillsborough. I’m a sucker for history & all things local 😉

  4. Laura @ Simply Lowcountry

    I LOVE that you said it reminded you of Hogwarts! My husband and I went up to Duke in March and we both said the same exact thing!!! It is such a pretty campus 🙂


  5. Jean Wilks

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of Duke University. So beautiful! I always enjoy your blog!