Sole Society

I hate buying shoes.  I have abnormally small feet and high arches so the shoes always end up being too small or too large.  I’m like freaking goldilocks, which is why I end up wearing any heels that are even somewhat reasonably comfortable into the ground.  Remember how I told you that I was looking for new gray pumps to replace my old ones?  I never did, so I have continued wearing them in hopes that no one will notice the huge holes in them.  I had heard good things about Sole Society, so I decided to invest in a couple of new pairs of heels after I decided it was ridiculous that I am a grown woman and am mortified to wear any of my other heels in public.  I wore the first pair (shown here, sadly no longer on the website) to a wedding this past weekend and was blown away at how comfortable they were for a 4 inch heel.  Also, although they aren’t quite Target prices, almost all of the shoes are less than or about $60, so really not bad.  Maybe these people have it right.  Here are some of my other current favorites.  Can you tell I have a thing for straps?


One  /  Two  /  Three  /  Four

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  1. Taylor

    I’m liking 3 and 4 a whole lot. Those look like Colleen shoes.

  2. rox

    ugh I’m with you – I hate shoe shopping. mostly because I’ve given up on heels all together (never liked em and felt like I was always forcing myself into them) that being said, it leaves me with limited options and generally feeling fussy 24/7.