Winter Playlist and Small Sadnesses

The true truth about things is that January has been a slight amount of a bummer for me.  I have had a small sadness which has most likely been made worse by a good old fashioned case of seasonal affective disorder.  When I say small I mean it because I know that my sadness has been featherweight compared to the heaviness of other possible sadnesses to be had in the world.  Events of this month have led me to the conclusion that I must give up my bug.  Some of you may know that my car up until this point has been a VW Beetle convertible.  It was and continues to be my dream car.  It was the first thing I bought when I had enough money after I started working a big girl job and it was a pretty triumphant day as I have wanted one since before I can remember.  And now it is time to let it go.  I realize that forming an attachment to an object (and particularly a car) is quite a silly thing to do.  But I can’t help but feel like over the years it has become a small part of me.  Not to mention it was paid off and now I will have car payments again.  Yuck.  So now I will be getting a new car.  One that I frankly don’t want.  A car like a Honda or Toyota that is a practical and mature decision because it is attractive, reasonably priced, more reliable and cheaper to fix if it needs repairs.  Blah blah blah.  So I will allow myself this last day of January to feel a tiny bit sorry for myself and sorry for my poor little bug.  I will be listening to this playlist with some of the songs I have been enjoying lately.  I hope you guys enjoy them too.  I promise I intend to be more upbeat in February.




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Here is a link to the playlist for listening on mobile phones and tablets.  Also, if you can’t see it on your computer, try hitting refresh.


  1. Taylor

    Oh Meg, I’m so sorry you have to give up your bug!! I sympathize greatly with you. I STILL think about and miss my Jeep. That is my dream car. I, too, hated having to buy a Honda. It just seemed so practical and not at all what I would normally gravitate too. It sucks. But I’ve grown to love ol’ Tickles. She’s a good lady. She’s not as dreamy, fun, and rugged as my Jeep but she sure is silly. Maybe you should get a Tickles too and we can start a Fit car gang 😉 Also, January just sucks in general.

    • Megan

      I would be lucky to get a car as charming at Tickles 😉

  2. Carolina Charm

    Oh man, I so sad to hear about the bug! But think of all the things your new car will be able to haul! You’ll eventually grow to love the new ride. 🙂

  3. Mrs Limestone

    Im right there with you when it comes to “SAD”. I try to sit outside or near a sunny window as much as I can in January but who really has time for that?

    Not a driver so I can’t appreciate the attachment to a car. All I wanted to say is that you should check out the mini’s – they are almost as cute as the VWs but come with some of the bells and whistles that new cars do.

    • Megan

      I love Mini’s but have read bad things about their reliability. That is high on the list of new car options.