For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- All You Magazine Feature

Well we are feeling pretty fancy in our pants right now because one of our DIYs was featured in the holiday edition of All You Magazine.  We feel so honored that our little sparkle lanterns were selected.  I think the part that we like the most is that they made the picture of the DIY large and our faces nice and small.  Just how we like them.  Pretty exciting right?



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  1. Kat Faux

    Super awesome

  2. Lindsey @ be pretty

    So awesome!!! What a HUGE honor!!! HUGE! Yes, very exciting… you all deserve to be featured like that more often! Creative Cats! 🙂 xo

  3. Kel


  4. Marilyn

    Congratulations! You guys are famous!

  5. rox

    how exciting!! congrats you two! you totes deserve it.

  6. Katie

    Congratulations! You two are very deserving!