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Fresh Lighting

My new light fixtures have been installed and I am amazed at how big of a difference it makes.  I was feeling pretty impressed with Corey and I when we were able to install the big chandelier and the flush mount with only minor headaches that I figured the pendant above the sink would be no trouble.  Think again friends.  It was actually such a pain (wrong sized electrical box, no ground wire, etc.) that we had to hire an electrician to do it, which I really didn’t want to do.  But now it is up and things are lovely.  Not sure if you guys remember, but I was actually looking at some other flush mounts for this location but in the end, this one from Restoration Hardware seemed simple enough to go blend in but still make a small statement.  I really love it.  And don’t mind that stain.  I will definitely fix it soon.  Hopefully.





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  1. Kristen

    Pretty lighting is my favorite! They look sooooo good.