The Perfect Jeans

I think this is a topic that I have discussed before.  In general, jeans suck.  They make you feel fat all the time, particularly when you just ate, and they are entirely too tight around the tummy region.  Well, for me they are anyway.  So I finally found a pair that are not only flattering, but are also comfy.  It’s such a miracle, I wanted to share them with you guys. They are James Jeans in twiggy.  The version I have is the China Doll color but I think I am about the purchase the black because they are having a 30% off sale for Labor Day.  The only catch is that they are skinny jeans, which I know a lot of people don’t like.  I only recently got on the boat.  I think they are actually jeggings, which is why they are so comfortable.  They are literally the only pair I ever want to wear.  Happy Labor Day everyone!


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  1. Kat Dawg

    As a guy, I must say these jeans are just not the ticket for me…..I have tried on quite a few, and I really do feel that they not only dont feel good, but they dont look good on me……any advice?