With Love From Blowing Rock

For the long weekend I was invited by some of my friends to come stay at their family’s house in Blowing Rock.  I feel like I am always saying that places are my favorites and I often worry that I will turn into the boy that cried wolf with continuing to say it repeatedly.  Maybe I just like an awful lot of places.  Is that so bad, really?  I will risk being considered an excessive user of hyperbole and say that this house is climbing the charts quickly to being one of my favorites as well.  So sue me.  If you could go there, I assure you you’d feel the same.  The house sits in a lovely valley in a forested area with a perfect creek that runs through it.   I am really not sure you could pick a better spot for a mountain house.  We spent the weekend eating, drinking wine, hanging with Daz the puppy, and hiking and exploring Blowing Rock, which really has quite a lot to offer in the way of natural beauty.

Blowing Rock house hidden | Two Delighted

Mountain House | Two Delighted

The house.  Believe me when I tell you you want to live here.

Blowing Rock stream | Two Delighted

The stream that cascades through the property.

Blowing Rock butterfly | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock chandelier | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock table | Two Delighted

Candlelight dinner on the back porch with the sounds of the creek in the background.

Blowing Rock Daz | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock wheel | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock trees | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock flower | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock bridge | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock dead tree | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock lilypads | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock Cone Manor | Two Delighted

Bass Lake full of lilypads

Blowing Rock wall | Two Delighted

Blowing Rock horse | Two Delighted

 Horse friends

Blowing Rock hike | Two Delighted

I neglected to take my camera on any of our hikes (and was kicking myself the whole way) due to the rain that fell on and off all weekend, but my friend Caitlin took this picture on her iPhone that captured pretty perfectly the views from our stormy hike at Moses Cone.  Pretty sensational, right?

Hope everyone else had a great long weekend as well.  Back to reality.  Boo.


  1. Suz

    Wonderful weekend with you! Great pictures.

  2. Taylor

    Incredible pictures, Meg. The Boone and Blowing Rock areas are without a doubt my favorite spots in the world. Swoon.

  3. Caitlin

    Nice pics, Meg!

  4. Christina

    Is this real life?! I want to live there, forever.

  5. Krista Blanks

    Oh my, that is stunning! I absolutely love this place! Straight out of a fairytale. I’ll be dreaming of here tonight!

    Blanks & Bliss