French Riviera, French Voyage Part V

After Provence, we were pretty exhausted and were looking forward to some time of leisure on the coast.  When I first saw the water during our train ride, I almost gasped because it was so blue.  Just unreal.  We stayed in Nice for three days and took one day trip to Eze and Monaco.  And although Nice was stunning, particularly the Promenade de Anglais and Old Town, we were a little let down by how touristy it was.  What we were not let down by was the ice cream from Fenocchio’s, which we frequented twice a day (thanks for the tip Amanda!).  We didn’t really have a “to do” list while we were in Nice, so we mostly just roamed.  One night, I decided that I wanted to feel glamorous (I mean right?  I’m on the French Riviera!) and wore my favorite polka dot dress and wedges.  And I was feeling glamorous.  Until I literally fell right on my face.  Lesson learned, don’t try to get cute and wear heels in Europe.














On our day trip, we took the number 112 bus from Nice to Eze, and then from Eze to Monaco.  Then we took the number 100 bus back to Nice later in the day.  I’m telling you guys this information just in case you are wanting to go because it took me quite a bit of googling to figure it out.  Anywho, Eze is this tiny hilltop town on the coast that has the most unbelievable views.  There is this little garden at the very top with fantastic quotes and information scattered around (including the fact that Anastasia the Russian princess took refuge there, which I found to be quite interesting.)  I was blown away, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.








eze5Monaco was really cool.  I was glad we went because to be honest, I kind of almost didn’t want to.  I thought it would just be fancy casinos and such (which there are), but it was also really interesting.  I’m still baffled that it is a country, because it’s like 1 square mile.  My favorite part was walking up near the palace, where you can see the fancy boats in all their glory and the skyscrapers right up against the mountains.









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  1. Stephanie

    I love the pictures of you guys at sunset, ESP. Corey’s. beautiful flowers. Awesome pic looking down the cliff .

  2. Megan

    Pictures are ust stunning. Did Corey bring a dress shirt, tie, and tie clip of Europe? Who is he? James Bond? Faaaaancy. Where and when did you get that polka dot shirt and why havent I borrowed it? I need to get to Eze stat.

  3. kat dawg

    Calm yourself Meggison….part of being a Bond like person is that you have to be smooth and surprising….and not being told about the shirt, well, there are reasons for that too

  4. kat dawg

    and not all those fancy dance, amazing photos are by Colleen (maybe just 98%)…..Colleen cant take photos of herself after all

  5. Ricky

    Gorgeous pictures! It looks like you two had an amazing time! Now I just need to get over there!

  6. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Ok, take me there now!!!! what an unbelievable trip and place to visit… love that picture of you walking in the dress! Amazing, beautiful and totally jealous! xoxo

  7. Jean Wilks

    I just keep enjoying the pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing!!