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Kitchen Light Fixtures

I heavily dislike most of the light fixtures in our house.  I didn’t hate them enough to change all of them immediately, but now that I had time to mull about it a little, I am ready.  The fixtures with the most disdain reside in my kitchen.  And by fixtures I might fixture.  I hate the ceiling fan.  And the little water stain sitting next to it.  Therefore, I am starting by switching out the fixtures in the kitchen.  But I need your help because I haven’t quite decided on two of them.  Location 1 is over the sink, and I have decided upon a simple globe pendant.  Yay for decisive decision making.  Location 2 is the dreaded fan, which I am replacing with a lovely flushmount.  But which one?  Do I go with the glass fixture that kind of matches the globe?  Or do I go with the cool industrial star pendant that would make a bigger statement?  I also need to keep in mind that this will be going in my dining room, which is very much visible from the kitchen.  Finally, I am replacing the chandeliery thing over the table with a lantern (why yes, that is batman hanging out in the fixture; I just have been too lazy to move him for the past 3 months).  But do I go with the simpler one or the french one?  What do you guys think?


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  1. Megan

    Okay this is very helpful actually. Now that I see them all together, I vote star flushmount and simple lantern cause it just feels more like you. And I think it suits your kitchen.

  2. Lacey

    I’ve been trying to figure out light fixtures for several weeks now. If nothing else, thanks for the links to some additional places to look! 🙂

    I like both option 1s! What is it with the hideous light fixtures and ceiling fans that are in most homes? Gah!

  3. Quinn @ Kimchi & Sweet Tea

    I too hate all of the fixtures in my house! Unfortunately, my husband does not share my disdain and wants to wait a few years to change them out since we just moved in this year. I have already picked out every fixture that I want and that globe pendant made it on my list too 🙂

    I vote star fixture (mainly because the other one is what some call a ‘boob light,’ so that’s all I see when I see those types of light around my house. a big ol’ boob staring down). And I am in love with simple lantern – always a classy choice 🙂

  4. April of A. Liz Adventures

    I love this post because we are going through the same thing right now! We have builders-grade lighting in our home currently (borrrr-ing) and I’m trying to sub them out gradually so it doesn’t kill our bank account! I also vote for the star flush mount and the simpler lantern. Love your decor style!

  5. Kat Dawg

    Option 1 (Location 2) then Option 2 (Location 3)

  6. Katie

    For location 2 I like option 1. First, it matches the fixture you choose for over the sink and second, I love the fixture you choose for the dining room and I think that should be the WOW fixture (since you’ll be able to see the dining room fixture from the kitchen). For location 3, as much as I love both of the fixtures, I like option 1. I’m with Meg, the simpler one feels more like you.

  7. Stephanie

    Love the sink pendent. On 2 I like option 1 because it goes with sink pendent. Like both dining lights but they look like they are both just 3 bulbs. Not sure that will be enough light.

  8. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Ugh, lighting is sooooo hard and you’re right, it can be so ugs too! I love the star fixture! Lantern #1 (the top one)… love all of this girly! Can’t wait to see more home images! xoxo