A Fresh Start

So you guys might notice that we are looking a little differently around here.  To be honest, we have been wanting to update our blog design for at least a year, but we never really wanted to spend a whole lot of money on it.  A custom blog update is super pricey (like hundreds to thousands) and we are cheap (like real cheap) and also pretty darn picky.  For a while I was even considering learning how to design the website from scratch but then I realized how ludicrous that idea is seeing as how I don’t even have time to paint my nails.  So I started looking into pre-made wordpress themes and stumbled across Blog Milk.  I liked how the designs were simple, elegant, and fresh looking.  There are really a lot of ugly blog themes in the world and these were a sight for sore eyes.  So we purchased one of her themes.  To make it a little more “us,” I changed around some colors and made us a new logo as well as some festive blog buttons with my trusty Photoshop Elements.  We are ever so happy with how it turned out and we hope you guys are too.  Please let us know if you see any issues or bugs so I can fix them asap.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.40.52 PM

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  1. Ivy + Molly

    Obsessed with the new design. So soft and pretty 🙂


  2. Katie

    Great job ladies! The new design is elegant and fresh!

  3. chartreuse & a twist

    loving this new look, ladies!!! so light, fresh & airy 🙂 kind of whimsical, too…which is a word that makes me think of you two! XO Brynn

  4. Lindsay

    I love it! It looks great!

  5. Marilyn

    You continue to amaze.

  6. Colleen

    Thanks so much everyone!

  7. Tristan B.

    It looks great for a theme, very clean, good work!

    • Colleen

      Thanks so much Tristan! Really means a lot coming from you 🙂

  8. rox


    • Colleen

      Thanks so much Rox!! 🙂