Last weekend, I decided it was finally time to plant some of the herbs that I had been thinking about.  I decided that planting them in a pot seemed way easier than planting them in the ground.  So I picked up a few pots from Homegoods and went to work.  I decided to plant basil, parsley, and rosemary in one bigger pot together as well as lavender (cause it smells dreamy) and mint in their own separate little pots.  Mint is apparently not something you should plant in the ground or in the pot with other things because it is so invasive that it takes over.  Mean old mint.

I found these herb markers after I had already planted my herbs in the sale section at Anthropologie.  They only had three different ones and they happened to be the same three herbs that I had chosen to put in the same pot.  I felt super lucky.  Go scoop some up before they are gone gone gone.

See how menacing he looks?

I put the lavender and mint up on my outdoor table.  Can you believe how good lookin all these pots were that I found at Homegoods?  These metallic puppies were $7.

Here are some other things happening in my backyard…

The pink petals have almost all fallen off my tree after the stormy storm last weekend.  But there are a few stragglers.

The ones that jumped ship banded together to make me some pink snow.

Baby birds, I hope you are okay.

My yellow jasmine is in full bloom and she is pretty as a picture.

With tiny pops of purple from neighboring bushes that seem to be bowing down to her beauty.

Happy Thursday guys!

  1. Christina

    Oh, I loooove your herbs! Looks great, friend!

  2. Colleen

    Pretty! Those herb labels are realll good lookin. Beauty pots too.

  3. kat dawg

    Those shiny pots sure are dazzling; 1st one is pretty awesome too…….I think your whole yard should be mint though, so you should just plant it everywhere; think about how good it would smell.

  4. Megan

    Thanks guys! Kat, lets do your yard first as an experiment and see how it goes!

  5. Jean Wilks

    Oh My! how pretty! I planted herbs too but mine are not doing as well as yours; you must have a “green thumb”! Keep up the good work.