Bridal Beauty

Un Beau Jour

As of late, I have grown a little tired of wedding blogs.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all still so beautiful, but sometimes I feel like they all start to look the same after awhile.  Jordan mentioned the French wedding blog Un Beau Jour last week (I think translated as One Day), and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite new sources of inspiration.  It is filled with lovely photography and DIYs that really feel fresh.  Also, the fact that it is in french doesn’t hurt.  I think everything would probably be better in french.  Did I tell you guys that I am trying to learn the language for our trip?  So far I am really good at saying “good morning” and “I would like a coffee with cream.”  Gotta have priorities.


Love these “retro” photos.

I think I will do this flower headpiece DIY and then just wear it around the house so I can feel lovely.








  1. Megan

    So pretty. What beautiful pictures. Wish I knew French. I am gonna have to start doing those podcasts too.

  2. Quinn

    I love the headpiece! I have a similar one (in mini size) for my American girl doll. Can’t wait to try to make a matching headpiece for my two daughters when they are old enough to play with the doll 🙂

  3. Lacey

    That’s because you are already married. Weddings to married people = old news. Haha.

  4. kat dawg

    Definitely do the DIY, looks like a good one…..awesome thing to note with the French podcasts she follows, they are taught by a Scottish guy and girl; so I guess its Scottish French.