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Living Room Updates

Funnily enough, the room that we have closest to being finished is one that we really don’t spend that much time in.  Despite it not getting as much use as the family room, living room is my favorite room in the house because of the spectacular light that it gets pretty much all day long.  It is also Pica’s favorite room.  After her busy work days, she likes to spend time leisuring on the sofa.  My next life, I am coming back as a cat.

For this room, I was wanting a mint green/light blue, and we found the perfect color in Benjamin Moore Opal Essence.  Other contenders were Irish Spring (too bright) and Bath Salts (too green).  The mirror was gifted to us for free (!) by my friend Catrina and I happily spray painted the gold more gold.  Side note: not all gold spray paint is equal.  Although several people recommended the Krylon Brass Metallic spray paint, spray painting 2 coats only left me feeling unsatisfied with the cheesy yellow gold finish.  I found the Krylon Gold Leaf spray paint to be a much more delightful color.

I want to make the room a little more warm and cozy and library-y by adding lots of fun pillows and placing bookshelves on the small walls next to the sofas.  In the future when I am feeling less broke I will be purchasing a comfy wingback chair and a new light fixture.  Probably not for a while.  Also, on the other side of the room I am putting together my office.  I figured if I liked the room so much, might as well use it for two purposes right?  I’ll show you guys that as soon as I get things a little more together.







  1. Megan

    Lookin fan-freaking-tabulous my dear! Love the way the paint turned out. I think it is pitch perfect. Speaking of which, I finally saw that movie last night and it was (as you said) awesome.

  2. Katie

    It looks beautiful! I love that paint color. So much in fact that I’m considering getting that mint color instead of the color that we choose on Sunday to paint my bedside table. Megan, I’m glad you watched Pitch Perfect as it is my go to movie when I’m feeling musically. In fact I may or may not have purchased the soundtrack…

  3. Taylor

    I just love seeing your beautiful house come together. Cannot wait to see it in person. LOVE the mirror and LOVE the rug! And the paint color… and everything. Hope Pica is getting some good down time. I know how busy she is… about as busy as Gus is all day. *sigh*

  4. Janelle @ Two Cups of Happy

    It’s looking so good so far! I love the wall colour & how it plays off the gilded mirror and the neutral couch.

  5. Kristen

    Your photography is amazing. i need to take more time to take nice pictures of our home 🙂 LOVE the paint color it ties in perfectly with the touches of black, and neutral couch. It will be fun to pick out pillows and chairs that you LOVE over time 🙂 And in the meantime its pretty great as is!

  6. Kristen

    What a beautiful, light, and bright space! LOVE the color you chose for the walls.

  7. Colleen

    Thanks so much everyone! Katie you really should.

  8. Colleen

    Tiffany, I love those inspiration pictures you posted. Thanks for including them!