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Game of Thrones Wedding Inspiration

I am quite giddy because the new Game of Thrones season starts this Sunday and it is my most favorite show on TV right now.  In my opinion, the best character (other than Tyrion and Arya obviously) is Daenerys.  She is one bad mother and doesn’t care who knows it.  If I have it my way, this season will spend lots of time with her and her dragons beating the tar out of the rest of the kingdoms.  Maybe then she will be queen and become quick friends with Tyrion and they can rule the world together.  Yes?  Although she has other things than silly boys on her mind right now, I decided to take it upon myself to gather some wedding inspiration for her to use once she has the world ruled and such.  Maybe for her wedding to a particular exiled knight?


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  1. Stephanie

    I like! Did you see her this week with her natural dark hair? She looks so different!

  2. Megan

    This makes me wish I watched it. Can’t I just start this weekend and not catch up? Beauty Bean

  3. Taylor

    Oh how I love you and this post so much. Favorite wedding post ever in this nation under god. I CANNOT WAIT FOR GAME OF THRONES!!!! Daenerys is such a bad ass and stunningly beautiful. I wish somehow, someway they’d bring back Kahl just so I can stare at his manly awesomeness. Gaaahdawg. I like your thoughts on a Daenerys/Tyrion partnership in ruling all of the kingdoms. And Megan… I suggest spending the next 2-3 days watching seasons 1 and 2. It will time well spent. You will fall in love with everything GOT.

  4. Kat Dawg

    But wait, who will be the groom, what will his attire be……..this is must have information……but of course, love the decor