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Rug Confusion

As of late I have a habit that is bordering on obsession.  I search for rugs online.  Like, all the time.  Corey has literally said “are there any other rugs in the world that you haven’t seen?”  Probably not.  But I am just super confuzzled about which rug I want in our family room.  For our dining room, this beauty has been picked out for months (but not purchased because I am waiting until I feel less broke), and I quickly decided on stripes for the front family room.  But in the family room, I can’t decide what I want.  Originally it was neutral – likely gray – but I am feeling like it should be more of a thing, which kind of leaves out the Handmade Soho rug (5), although I really do find her to be lovely.  I like the Pottery Barn Enzo Medallion (1) and the Rugs USA Tuscan Trellis (3) a lot, but they might be too much navy since the dining room rug will definitely be navy.  I basically fell in love with Lulu and Georgia’s Satya (2), but there are two problems.  One, the 8×10 is out of stock.  And two, it is way pricier than I want to spend on the family room rug, which will be lived on in a big way.  So even if it comes back in stock, I will have major guilt if I purchase because I don’t want to have to give Pica the side eye every time she sits on it.  I kind of liked the idea of green, which made me include the Capel Arabesque (4), but to be honest, I am kind of over trellis rugs.  So did I just cross out every rug that I have been looking at?  I am so confused.  Do you guys have any advice about this situation?  Other than tell me to stop being such a crazy lady, because that’s just not possible.  Ask Corey, he’s tried.






  1. Lindsay

    Man, these are all really good. I love number 3 because I love navy but I feel like that would show dirt/lint easily? My next favorite is number 2. I really like the looks of that one.

  2. Christina

    I have a worse problem. I keep BUYING rugs, having them delivered, deciding they don’t work and going through ALL the trouble to send them back. At least you are being more responsible. haha. The rugs are the hardest to pick out!

  3. Blair Scheepers

    Number 2, hands down. And can you ship one to Africa for me? Thanks!

  4. Stephanie

    Go look at some in person. Things can look different in person. Post and Gray up at south end had some. Or check places like floor liquidators in pineville

  5. Emily

    Have you ever looked into I saw it at a friend’s the other day and it was really cute. The website has a ton of options at really affordable prices. I’ve been looking for a new area rug for my living room [since my dog decided she didn’t like it and destroyed it] and haven’t been able to pick. Well, i actually did pick one and then returned it bc it looked terrible when i put it down. Good luck!!

  6. rox

    I’m obsessed with rugs too! it’s the easiest way to redecorate a room or mix things up. thankfully, I got a snazzy hand-me-down rug for our living room…but I would totally invest into one if I had to. you’ll be looking at it…and using it everyday!! I’m LOVING #2. and I wouldn’t kick yourself too much on #5 (and it being neutral)…that rug could work with some funky/colorful throws or pillows.