Simple Homemade Lip Scrub

This is typically a little bit of a rough time of year for my overall appearance and I have a tendency to feel like a complete ragamuffin.  Lately my skin has been so dry (and extremely pasty since it has now not seen the sun in close to 5 months) and with spring coming and the knowledge that clothes will get less covery very soon, I felt the need to take some action with some exfoliation.  My first order of business was trying to rid myself of the dead skin cells that have been residing on my lips since around December (I’m pretty).   I wanted to try to make a lip scrub and found that every homemade one I was finding took like 65 different ingredients including phoenix feathers, unicorn horns and all manner of other items that I had no current access to.  Then I found this fantastic little 3 ingredient recipe on Petite Elephant and amazingly I already had everything I needed.  So I made it and used it.  And you really should too cause it totally made my lips feel lovely and ready to go some fancy pants places.

What you’ll need:

–  1/2 tsp lime juice

–  1/2 tsp plain old sugar

– 1/2 tsp honey (even 2 1/2 year old wildflower honey will work but I will not admit how I know this to be true)

What you’ll do:

1. If you are like me and like your lips just fine but not enough to squeeze real fruit for, pour your lime juice out of its little container and into your tiny cup.

2.  Add in the other stuff (no particular order) and mix it together.  That’s all really.

If you noticed, I definitely used 1 tsp in these pictures instead of 1/2 but I am pretty sure as long as your ratio is 1:1:1 it will be cool.

Scoop that junk up and rub it in little circles all over you lips.  I did a few runs with it because I had so much that I was feeling wasteful if I didn’t use it and also because it was rather delicious and I was enjoying my little snack.  According to Petite Elephant, “the sugar acts as the exfoliant, the lime rejuvenates the skin, and the honey is a natural anti-bacterial and cleanser.”  Sounds good to me.  Finish up with some chapstick or vaseline.  Look at you go, you all natural beauty!  Except for the bottled lime juice obviously.  Who the hell knows what’s really in that?

  1. Lindsay

    You are so funny. I laughed out loud reading this. What a great DIY. Most people probably already have all this stuff at home. I will try this out for sure. My whole body is so dry and itchy and pale. Come on SUMMER.

  2. chartreuse & a twist

    LOVE this 🙂 ‘Tis the season for lip scrubbing!!!

  3. Taylor

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! You are hilarious. Great instructions.

  4. Lindsay

    Wanted to give you an update. I made this stuff and I love it. I even used real lime juice. Fancy. I did misread my measuring spoons and made it using my TBS. Typical. Anyway my batch was huge so I just kept it in the fridge and have been using it anytime I walk in the kitchen. It really gets the job done!

  5. Megan

    Linds! I am so glad it worked for you! You must have SUPER fancy lips with that real lime juice. Funny story…my lips were so chapped at the wedding I was in this weekend from making a garland outside in the freezing cold early Friday morning that I asked the bartenders for limes and sugar packets and made a modified version so I could scrub my lips right at the wedding. Safe to say I am addicted!