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Perfecting our Gray Situation

As I told you guys last week, I have been doing quite a bit of research trying to the find the most perfect gray for our family room (I guess that is what we are calling it?) and dining room.  And by research I mean typing “best gray paint” into google and seeing what it gives me.  Apparently finding a true gray is super difficult because they all typically turn out blue or purple or green or some other crazy color when you actually put them in the wall.  I think Meg painted her bedroom Benjamin Moore’s Bunny Gray and she felt like it was a little too blue.  I was really looking for a super light gray (almost white) and kept coming across the same several shades of Benjamin Moore paint.  The candidates included Gray Owl (recommended by Emily Henderson as “classic Ryan Gosling” so you know it’s good), Stonington Gray, Revere Pewter, Coventry Gray, Horizon, and Tranquility.  I started out purchasing samples of Horizon, Tranquility, and Gray Owl and upon putting them on the wall, Meg and I immediately determined that Tranquility is basically the color that was already on my wall.  A nice sagey gray that just wasn’t what I was looking for.  Horizon was way white and Gray Owl looked pretty darn good.  However, in true Colleen form I can’t be satisfied until I research ALL of my options so I went back to Blackhawk Hardware and purchased samples for Stonington Gray and Coventry Gray (used in that gorgeous Jenna Lyons room with the great yellow sofa).  I was intending to purchase Revere Pewter but it was lookin real beige on the chip so I vetoed immediately.

After determining that Coventry Gray looked baby blue on our walls, the finalists were Stonington Gray and Gray Owl.  I was seriously agonizing over the decision until I finally just asked Corey what he thought and he said “um go Gray Owl because it is lighter and happier, obviously.”  Obviously.

Y’all, I love it.  I am SO glad, because we literally spent all weekend painting.  Corey was the best little painter you ever did see, and he even patched these monstrous holes above our fireplace that were there from the TV setup the previous owners used.  Clearly, I need a beautiful mirror situation above our fireplace and not a TV.  So anyway, about the paint, I love it because it is light and crisp and airy, but still has a nice contrast with the moulding.  I would highly recommend it.  However, I think that you should definitely buy samples so you can paint swatches on your walls to find your perfect gray because some people have found Gray Owl to be too blue or too green.  Who knows.  Here are some more rooms with Gray Owl just bein real good lookin.

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  1. Megan

    Hi there Pica girl! Of course we are looking at you. She must be quite pleased that you painted to better coordinate with her fur. Looks awesome Bean and Corey! Great pictures Cor.

  2. Katie

    I love that Corey was the voice of reason, you go big brother! The gray looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person. For the record I would have went with Gray Owl as well because the name made me think of Harry Potter.

  3. Christina

    HAHA – I love Corey’s response to the paint color! I absolutely love how it turned out! I also would have chosen Gray Owl.

  4. Kristen

    Beautiful Colleen! You are so right, paint looks so different in different rooms depending on lighting. We are currently looking for a blueish gray…i’ll have to look at Megans Bunny Gray. Right now we THINK we are going with Benjamin Moore’s gray sky…but might change our mind when we get in and see it on our walls. I LOVE how light and airy yours turned out, it really is perfect. We’ll have to have a bloggers night out at our homes when we are all done. This is fun going through similar things together 🙂

    • Sue

      Hi – I am currently looking for a gray with a hint of blue. I saw your post here & am wondering what gray you went with.


      • Colleen

        Hi Sue, I went with Gray Owl. Best of luck!

  5. Stephanie

    I love it. They say the darker shades of gray absorbs all the light in rooms so the lighter is great.

  6. Nicole Phaler

    Ah! I love this gray! And I agree it is lighter and happier 🙂 It looks so good!

  7. Kristen

    Wow looks so good! I’m the worst at choosing paint! Love a light and happy paint color 🙂

  8. Taylor

    I’m a newly obsessed gray fan. I’m not sure I considered gray much until Meg & La got me my most favorite TOMS in gray. I absolutely love those shoes and somethign about gray just makes everything look more… I dont know, hip? Cool? Sleek? Whatever it is, I loves me some gray. Looks like you picked a good’un!

  9. Stephanie Geohagan

    I love your gray!!

  10. Jill

    I’m so glad I found this! I have been obsessing/ agonizing over using Gray Owl as my main neutral- I have it as a sample on the wall, even bought a gallon of it, and now am second guessing my decision and going back to looking at things like Stonington, Revere, Edgecomb, etc. Your photos might just convince me that it’s ok to actually move forward! Looks great.


  11. Mary

    I am on the hunt for the perfect gray and found this post only AFTER buying a $7 sample of BM Bunny Gray and discovering that it is too blue for my taste. This post was very helpful to me! Now it’s back to the store to check out Gray Owl – I like how it looks in your pictures – and I like your cute cat. Thanks!