For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Happenings

I seem to have had a little bit of a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.  I have a to-do list a mile long and have still not taken down my decorations.  I feel like no matter what I do I will never actually be able to catch up and will only keep adding to the list so I have been trying not to let myself get too stressed out about it.  On a positive note, I got a DSLR camera for Christmas and have definitely been taking more pictures lately as a result.  It has been very helpful with my procrastination of stuff I should actually be doing.  Here are a few snippets from my life lately.

I have been enjoying my little sparkle houses for a few more days before I put them away this weekend.

The cats have been doing quite a bit of lounging by the fire.  Juicy usually sits on my silver pouf or sprawls on the floor (much like his mother).

Elly prefers the chair next to the fireplace resting against my favorite Anthropologie pillow which is quite obviously the best spot.  He’s no fool.

I finally took down the floating candles from our Harry Potter Halloween party.  It ended up being Christmas at Hogwarts around here after all because I had such a hard time letting them go.  The first time Colleen and I went to take them down, I literally had a panic attack after she had done two and we decided to leave them up a little longer.  Bye Hogwarts.  Tears.

I found (and purchased) the cutest little tea tins from Target that I will be using to store knick knacks around my kitchen.  Aren’t they cutey cute?  They have a bunch of other colors too.  Go get some quick!

I found a pretty new mirror at one of the antique malls I go to.  I seriously have 652 mirrors in my house but I couldn’t help myself and got another.  This one I had actually purchased because I was thinking about giving it to Colleen for part   of her Christmas but then I found one I liked better for her.

I got a hair to make some macarons so I spent a Friday evening baking for stress relief.  The process of making macarons is so consuming that I find it to be therapeutic.  A bit like yoga really.  I have to focus my mind.  I made lavender and vanilla bean and brought some to a friend of ours for her birthday so I didn’t eat them all.

Last night we had a “Wednesday dinner” which I have mentioned before but basically it is just a little dinner get together with two of my friends that live close by.  It typically occurs on Wednesday (hence the name) but this week we had Thursday edition.  Caitlin was mesmerized by how piney my tree still smelled and I caught this image of her sticking her cutey little face in it.  Seriously though, my tree still smells really good and I am not sure how.  Maybe it is magical??

Happy Friday y’all!  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!




  1. Michele S

    I have been enjoying your blog, but all of a sudden, I can no longer see the photos you include. When I look at your blog via Google Reader, I can see the “Pin It” button, but no photo. When I go directly to your blog, I don’t even see the “Pin It’ button (or the photos). Did you change something in the way you post photos? I’m a little disappointed, as I love to see all the various photos you post. I’m also NOT tech-savvy to figure out why I suddenly could no longer see the photos. I have not changed anything on my computer (as far as I know, anyway), and it happens on both my computer at home and at work (shhhh! don’t tell anyone I sometimes take a quick peek at your blog when I’m at work!) Any advice as to how I can see your photos again?

  2. Megan

    Oh no Michele! We are so sorry. We will research and see if we can figure out what it could be. What type of Internet connection are you using? Safari? Internet Explorer? How long has it been happening?

  3. Megan

    Colleen geniused something like she does and hopefully it’s fixed now.

  4. Michele

    Colleen was right on top of it and fixed it almost instantly! She responded to my comment almost immediately via e-mail. And before I knew it, everything worked perfectly. If I owned a company with a customer service department, you’d have an standing job offer, Colleen! Thank you!

  5. Taylor

    If anyone were to have a magicalness tree, it would be you 😉 Love your happenings as of late.

  6. Lindsey @ be pretty

    I love the pics, Meg! Yay for the new camera… Juicy + Elly are seriously the cutest things ever! 🙂 I’m with you though, it’s so easy to put things off… and off… and off… and it’s not on purpose either. Loved seeing the macaron making sneak peek on instagram! 🙂 Heart you, lady!