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Potential Dining Room Decor

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we are under contract for a house.  I haven’t really talked about it since then because things are still up in the air, and I have been a bit of a nervous wreck.  It is so hard to stay practical and unemotional about such a big, life changing investment.  Obviously, I have been stalking home decor blogs and stores like it is my job, but I have felt a little silly about mentally furnishing a house that may or may not be ours.  But really, any house we move into will need to be furnished, since all of our existing furniture is basically from the side of the road (not really, but almost).  These are some of the items that I have been thinking about incorporating into our future dining room, for this house or the next.  I will definitely keep you guys posted.

One – I plan to either make, or have Megan make (since she is really the artist) a big piece of colorful polka dotted art, just like the one in this picture.  Since the rest of the room will be mostly neutrals and metallics, this will add a touch of fun and festive.

Two – I have been stalking chandeliers and pendants for quite some time, and this is my current favorite for the dining situation.  I think I want it to be pretty glam, but nothing too over the top.

Three – Mirrors, oh will there be mirrors.  Mirrors make everything better.  Particularly ones with gold geometric edges.

Four – I like a traditional Louis chair.  Comfy and beautiful.  Now if only I could find them for a price that I wouldn’t have to sell my soul for.  World Market has some pretty reasonable ones that might be the ticket.

Five – I think a simple and modern table will go nicely with the traditional chairs and glam light fixture.  Maybe this parsons table or an industrial inspired one.

Six – I have been obsessed with bar carts for forever, which is really pretty ironic considering I don’t like alcohol.  They are just real good lookin.  Particularly in gold.  Pretty sure the majority of our house will be white and gold.

Seven – This lovely Serena and Lily rug has caught my eye for quite a long time.  Sometimes I think I would like something a little more bohemian, but I always tend to revert back to the simple and elegant.





  1. Megan

    Beautycakes! 1. We will find you Louis chairs for a decent price. 2. I want a colorful art for my bathroom so we will have an art party.

  2. Megan

    3. I want a bar cart too. Where can I put it?

  3. Taylor

    I wanna join in on the polka dot art party! And I love that rug.

  4. Nicole Phaler

    I think this may be one of my favorite dining room style boards! I love that mirror and those chairs – so chic!

  5. Christina

    I want Megan to make me some fun art too!!! And I agree, bar carts are a necessity!

  6. rox

    I’m lovin’ that rug. You could TOTES make your own art…and the bar cart- HELL YES. I’ve been dying to get one, but I unfortunately have zero room in my apartment for one!

  7. Laura at Brunch with Laura

    I really love everything about this especially the gold bar cart. I think the polka dots will bring a lot of fun and color to the room!! And, I’m obsessed with the rug. In love.


  8. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Obsessed with this entire situation you have going on!!!! Love! Love! Love! I think every dining room needs a transparent bar cart! Cant’ wait to see this beautiful home of yours come together through your gorgeous style!

  9. Lindsay

    Lookin good, girl. Let me know if you find an affordable bar cart. I have looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find a cheap one I like. Sigh.