Colleen + Corey Wedding

Our Wedding Video

I realize that our wedding was approximately 1 year and 3 months ago, and that I have completely saturated the blog with pictures from the wedding, but I have something that is too good not to show.  Forgive me.  You might remember that I asked our wedding videographer to take video of the wedding day without any editing, allowing me to pay a lower price.  I also asked our friend Jim to edit the video, with only gratitude (and cookies) as reimbursement.  Well he finally finished said video, and it is every bit as beautiful as I imagined.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you also, obviously, to Ben from Whitney Photo + Video for taking such breathtaking footage of the day.

(Video link here if you are having trouble seeing it.)

Jim also made a second montage of the reception that is just as gorgeous but a little more fun, set to one of my favorite Bloc Party songs.  Unfortunately, it is too large to fit into Vimeo.







  1. Laura at Brunch with Laura

    Such a gorgeous video!! This makes me wish we had a video done. You look beautiful! What an awesome keepsake to have.

    (formerly Simply Lowcountry)

  2. Katie

    Jimmy did a great job! Although I should not watch again at work. Crying at my desk is not good. And I must watch again when I can have sound!

  3. rox

    what a great blog post to kick off the new year! there’s like 50 million things I love about this video (your hair, your bouquet, how sweet your hubs looked when he first saw you!!!!). totally had me tearing up over here watching your ‘first look’ moment. it also makes me excited for our wedding day in 8 months!! thanks for sharing…just. gorgeous.

  4. Lindsay

    This is a beauty. I never get tired of pictures/video from your wedding.

  5. Roopert

    Kind of makes my wish Cait and I got a videographer for our shindig 🙁

  6. Colleen

    Thanks so much everyone! Jim and Ben really did a fantastic job. Aw Roopert, I’m sorry honey. Good thing you got such an amazing photographer!

  7. Taylor

    Oh geez!!! Making me cry at work again! That was beautifully done. Beauty, beauty, beauty.

    Roo – I’m so glad your name on here is Roopert, for I enjoy calling you that so much.

  8. Lindsey @ be pretty

    So incredibly beautiful!! Love looking back at your wedding!

  9. Paige

    Absolutely love your Bridesmaids bracelets, where can I find these?

  10. Megan

    Hi Paige! They were from J Crew and they are the silk chiffon dresses in Graphite. I believe they still have the color and your bridesmaids may be able to find some on Ebay because that color has been around for awhile. Also, if you buy them from J Crew, several times throughout the year, they have 20% off sitewide, etc. and then they are alot cheaper then. 🙂

  11. Paige

    Thanks! Where did you find the bracelets they’re all wearing?

  12. Colleen

    Hey Paige – sorry, Megan didn’t read your question correctly the first time. I don’t think my bridesmaids had any specific bracelet, but I did buy them all rings from anthropologie. If you are thinking about the bracelets from the Beaufort post, those were for my friend Lindsay’s wedding. She actually bought them from an etsy vendor that is not longer selling them. But if you look on etsy, you should be able to find something similar. Hope this helps!