For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- An Open Letter

Dear Atmosphere, Sun, Moon, Earth, Clouds, Global Warming, God, Buddha, President Obama and whatever and whoever else impacts the weather (probably Ryan Gosling too),

Today I am sending you a little plea.  I know there are lots of important issues in the world to resolve and if it comes down to a choice between my silly little request or ending world hunger, please choose the latter.  But just in case you can handle both, I wanted to let it be known that I would really like you to send me some snow.  Now I am not asking for anything crazy like a blizzard or even any feet.  A few inches would do just fine.  Maybe 5 or 6?  Hell, I would even take 3 or 4.  Just make it enough for the world to shut down for a day or two.  For things that normally move much too quickly to stand still.  Enough so that sitting and drinking my mint hot chocolate with overflowing marshmallows and reading a book doesn’t make me feel guilty.  Because it isn’t safe to drive so why not just sit.  Enough so that it looks really bright outside even when it is cloudy.  So that keeping my gas fireplace on all day and watching still DVRed Christmas movies seems reasonable.  So that I can make snow cream.  Or maybe just chocolate chip cookies.  So that I can pretend I am 13 again and go sledding.  And because last year when you didn’t let me have any it broke my heart just a little.

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Yours Truly.

  1. Colleen

    I agree. Completely. However, I have a pretty large feeling that even if everything gets shut down and the rest of the world can eat bon bons and drink hot chocolate, I will probably still be trekking to work. Probably to Mebane, or something. I would prefer a Saturday snow.

  2. Taylor

    I am with you Meg. We need some snow. At least 1 snow or I will be very sad. BRING IT! Everyone do their best snow dance mmmkay?