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Warming up a Winter Wedding

I feel certain that I’ve mentioned this before, but on our wedding day, it was unseasonably cold.  What I didn’t mention was that prior to picking the date (October 1st, 2011), I did some extensive spreadsheet analysis to try to determine the optimal fall day that was certain to be both warm and dry.  Pretty much everyone made fun of me for trying to predict the weather.  When we finally realized that it would in fact be north pole sweater cold (not really but almost), we made some last minute adjustments.  I have seen several brides getting married outside in the winter (you are all so very brave), and I think the things we did to try to make people a little more comfortable are even more applicable now.

Cardigan (1, 2)  – First and foremost, make sure the bride isn’t shivering.  This sequined cardi would do just the trick.

Hot Cocoa (3, 4) – Or other delicious warm beverage.  We had both coffee and a hot cocoa bar available.  You could make this super cute with just a little bit of work.  Anthro mugs never hurt the situation.

Blankets (5, 6) – Maid of Honor MVP Megan bought a dozen or so blankets the week of the wedding.  Thank goodness because people were fighting over them.  Maybe buy more than we did.  These little Ikea ones are fantastic; I still use them all the time.

Fire pit (7, 8) – I think the idea of all of your loved ones sitting around the fire is so romantic.  A little too messy?  Just rent those metal space heaters like we did.







  1. Megan

    “North Pole sweater cold” Hehehe. We need to do an “isms” posts to explain what we mean so people can know what the hell we are talking about half the time. I feel certain they don’t know.

  2. Laura at Simply Lowcountry

    So my husband and I got married in February. We knew it would be a little cold, but we live in the south so not too bad. It was 75 degrees the weekend before our wedding and we had an unseasonably warm winter. Well go figure, on our wedding day we got the coldest day of the year!!! So cold I wore my fur wrap down the aisle (and then my husband had an allergy attack and we missed our reception– totally different story). We opted for NO heaters because we figured it would be warm. We decided last minute to put the flaps down on the venue’s porch and light the fire places. Thank God!!! And yes, we got married outside 🙁


  3. Chelsea

    I was hoping that it would be cold on our wedding day, but I never got the change to wear the creamy faux fur stole I had as backup! I love these tips and picks. xo

  4. marilyn

    It was cold but it was fun.