Holiday Glassine Gift Bags

Every year during the holidays, I get caught off-guard by co-workers and friends giving me gifts when I have no gift in return.  You would think I would learn, but no, I almost always get bamboozled.  Not this year friends.  No, this will be my year of preparedness, in which I will have gift bags ready at a moments notice.  Step one in operation will not be embarrassed without gift is to make the bags.  My most favorite DIYs happen when I can recycled thing I already have around the house (remember my little can bud vases?) so I was quite thrilled to find glassine bags left over from the wedding in the bottom of my not very organized craft drawer.

What you’ll need:

– Glassine bags (these look like mine)

– Craft paint

– Stencils from Michaels (left over from our pillow project)

What you’ll do:

1) Place letters of chosen word or phrase on bag to figure out spacing.

2) Paint in letters/stripes/stars or any other decorations of your choosing.  Easy peasy.  I have plans to make some delicious cookies and fill the bags with them.  Yay for cookies.






  1. Megan

    Super pretty Bean. I will be waiting patiently for my bag full of cookies.

  2. Olivia Ann

    These are too cute! Love the pink for Christmastime 🙂 So girly & fun!

    Olivia Ann

  3. Stephanie G

    Great idea!!