Created by Cocktail

Wedding Inspiration Created by Cocktail {Sparkling Champagne Cider}

With us just being on the brink of the holiday season but it still being fall, we wanted to gather some inspiration for a “Created by Cocktail”  that would feel like autumn but also feel more festive.  What is more festive, my friends, than sparkles?  Just about nothing, I think.  I partly chose an apple cocktail for Colleen as this is the time of year she gets to revel in her apple pie glory.

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Hope you guys have a sparkly apple kind of day!


  1. Colleen

    Yay for ALL of the apple things! This is fantastic looking Megs.

  2. Taylor

    I’m with Colleen on apple happiness. I LOVE anything apple. Yummm! That drink looks delightful!