For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- March on the Capital

Well my friends, word of my supreme talent for covering things with shiny paint and glitter has spread and President Obama has sent a very official request that I come visit him in his home and discuss important decisions to be made for the next four years.  He said he would like for his presidency to be more sparkly and I told him I was the man for the job.  And so this weekend, I am traveling to DC for this important political matter.

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Just kidding.  I bet I really had ya’ll going there.  But I am definitely still going to DC and whether he wants me or not, he is gonna get me.  I am pretty excited because I have never been and will be getting to visit an old friend who I haven’t seen in much too long.  I figured I could at least stop in to chat with Michelle and the girls if he has something else going.  Although what could be more important, really?

Hope you all have something exciting planned for the weekend!

Happy Friday!  Go USA!

  1. Taylor

    Oooo have fun!!! The last time I went to DC was in 5th grade sooo I’m sure the experience would be quite different now. I hear DC is super fun though. I know our prez would love to have your shiny, glittery expertise. You’re hilarious.

  2. quinn

    didn’t know you were in DC – very cool. hope you had a good time.