For the Love of Friday- Halloween Playlist

I usually start cranking out the Halloween tunes about mid-September the way normal people start listening to Christmas music in mid-November.  Although I try to add to my selection every year, I still tend to gravitate towards the classics.  I wanted to share some of my most favorite Halloween songs with ya’ll in honor of the weekend before Halloween and to get everyone in the mood for the events that many of you will be attending this weekend.

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Also, very important to note the Dead Man’s Bones song on the playlist.  That, my friends is Ryan Gosling singing.  True story.  You’re welcome.

Halloween by TwoDelighted on Grooveshark

Happy happy spooky weekend before Halloween!

  1. Lindsey @ be pretty

    I’m pretty sure YOU and KV are the only ones (ask Drew) that listen to Halloween music… LOL’s! The stuff KV listens to sounds like people are being murdered… I know you probably listen to Halloween tunes with a few more pretty ruffles in the mix! xoxo

  2. Aunt Ev

    Wow, didn’t know Ryan G. could sing. V. cool. Looks like a really amazing parteee.

  3. Lynnette

    Great stuff! I love your creativity…Good List but you gotta download ~~Ghost of John BB by Kristen Lawrence~~
    She has the best Halloween music. You will find yourself humming it in July

    More fun stuff:Type O Negative’s Black no.1, Come Mr Tally Man by Harry Belafante, Devin in Disguise by Elvis, Danny Elfman Tales from the Crypt.