For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday – An Autumn Playlist

If you are tired of us talking about autumn/fall things all the time I have really pretty terrible news for you.  We are obsessed in a big way so you can expect some talk of pumpkins/fall/halloween at least three times a week until Christmas.  I have plans to make some sort of pumpkin concoction this weekend, especially since I did not partake in any s’mores the other night and am still feeling skunked over it.  In honor of our ridiculously exciting excitement for autumn, we made a playlist with both autumn inspired songs as well as some of my favorites of the moment.  (If the playlist doesn’t show up, just hit refresh.)  I was also able to go on a quick walk to capture some of the leaves changing in my neighborhood.  I just love this time of year.

Also of monumental importance is our new pet.  His name is Hedwig.  He says hello.  Happy Friday friends!






  1. Katie

    Hello Hedwig. It’s nice to see you all lit up instead of sitting in a shopping cart! I can’t wait to see all the pumpkin concoctions you and Megan make. Feel free to use my as a taste tester!

  2. Megan

    Beauty pics Bean. Playlist is fantastic

  3. KatDawg


  4. Brynn Looney

    and that is exactly the way it should be…fall is the most amazing time of year {as far as i am concerned!}…bring on the love…i’ll be reading the whole way through 🙂 and hedwig is adorable, by the way! XO brynn p.s. can’t wait to listen to the playlist!

  5. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Love me some Stevie Nicks… great picks lady!!! Speaking of “pics”, my gosh you’ve been killing that camera! I was blown away by the wedding pic’s you and Megs took! Y’all need to give a “how to use your Rebel” blog toot!

  6. Lindsey @ be pretty

    and ps… I couldn’t be more excited about the fall either! xx