Fall Brings the Sappy Out in Me

We all have days where it is easy to get a little frustrated with our lives.  Days where nothing seems to be going our way and every move we make seems to have an obstacle.  Tuesday was one of those days for me.  I was listening to Joe Purdy’s “Can’t Get It Right Today” and feeling like it must have been written for me.  But then today, something shifted.  The sun came out and the weather was beautiful and the best part was that today was a “Wednesday Dinner” day.  Every few weeks or so, two of my best friends and I get together for a mid-week dinner.  We always have a great time but tonight was especially perfect.  We ate dinner outside near my fire pit and had some s’mores for dessert.  With the ghost marshmallows that are at Target right now.  The yellow leaves that are slowly becoming more prominent on my big tree occasionally landed on the dinner table and almost in our chili.  It certainly wasn’t fancy or particularly noteworthy, but as we were sitting and talking about the world in the special way only close friends can, it made me realize that in that moment my life is exactly what I want it to be.  And that even if everything doesn’t always fall into place as we have detailed in our funny little plans,  perfect minutes or hours or days like this are really the things that make a life.

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  1. Colleen

    Gorgeous post Meg. Even if you did leave me out of eating any s’mores.

  2. Brynn Looney

    this is such a lovely post…i love moments in life like this and your last sentence sits especially well with me. i tend to get wrapped up in the details of my ‘funny little plans’ and can easily get upset when they don’t go accordingly… which is so silly in the end because there are more important things that truly matter 🙂 XO brynn

  3. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Ahhh I love this, Megs!!! You are so inspiring with your words… I have tears right now, you just hit home with me and reading this post (and Sarah McLachlan in the background)… you’re right. Life might not be as “perfect” as you want it, but there’s those moments, hours and minutes that make you realize that life is pretty good. Luv you!