Recreating Anthropologie {Chained Vase}

One day, I was casually browsing Anthropologie’s website, as I have been known to do, when I noticed a pretty fantastic looking vase.  And then I noticed that the price was $198 which puts it about 10 times outside of my price range for vase purchases.  When I looked closer at it, I thought to myself, “Why Megan, that looks like tiny command hooks with chains hanging from them.  I bet I can figure out how to hang chains from a hook.”  I sent the link to Colleen and we decided to give it a go.  To be clear, we know that Anthropologie’s version is probably a fancypants blown glass vase with blown glass hooks and million dollar beauty chains and that is why it is so expensive.  Ours is not quite so fancy.


What you’ll need:

– A glass vase- mine was purchased from Homegoods for $10

– Chains- I purchased mine from Michael’s and they were made from a company called Beadalon.  They were 3.7 MM Figaro,  2 3.4 MM Elongado, 5.1 MM Stamp chains.

– Jump rings- I bought a little pack of varying sizes.  These are also in the jewelry section of Michael’s.  Some big and some small.

– Super glue- I used Gorilla glue

– Tiny command hooks (3)

– Tweezers

What you’ll do:

1.  Place glue on the back of each command hook and place them along the rim of the vase about an inch down at about equal distance from each other.  I had to hold each hook in place for 30 seconds to a minute before they would stick.  Then let all hooks dry completely.

2.  Take 3 large jump rings, open them slightly by pulling, and hang one from each hook.  Place the end of a chain on one jump ring.  Being cognizant of how long the chain is and how low you want it to hang down, swag the chain around the vase and attach a link to each ring as you go until you run out of chain.  The first chain I used was the shortest and I was able to get all the way around with a little left over.  I used the spare section and attached it using a small jump ring to part of the chain that looped down.  This may sound difficult but it is demonstrated below.

3.  Continue with each new chain by attaching it to a large jump ring in the hook and swag it around in different lengths, attaching links to large jump rings as you go.  I also continued to attach sections to other parts of the chain with small jump rings as well.  A few small sections that were leftover I just let hang down unattached at the ends.

4.  Go through and close up all your open jump rings.

  1. Nicole Phaler

    Ah! This may be one of my favorite DIYs yet – it’s so easy and yet ends up looking so stunning!! Beautiful!

  2. Tiffany

    Wow! Simply an amazing job. It looks alarmingly close to the original and the cost savings can’t be beat! Love this vase, its badass!

  3. Brynn Renné {chartreuse & a twist}

    I absolutely love this!!! You did such a wonderful job…who needs to spend a fortune at anthro when you have those skills???!!! XO Brynn

  4. christina

    Gosh you are so crafty! Love it!!!

  5. Lindsey @ be pretty

    What a great DIY… I LOVE THIS and not just for the spooky season! I’m in love… think of how awesome it would look with gold chains too??? Y’all are so talented! xx

  6. Lindsay

    LOVE THIS. You guys are too good. I’m headed over to Micheal’s ASAP. I like Lindsey’s idea. I’m making some with these in gold and keeping them out all the time.