Bridal Beauty

Lindsay + Ben: Wedding

After a lovely rehearsal dinner Friday night, Saturday before the ceremony was spent beautifying in Lindsay’s hotel room.  Her Aunt Leslie and cousin Mary Dallas brought  an impressive spread of food (including lobster) and mimosas while we leisured our leisure.  Once Lindsay’s bridal beauty was complete, we were shuttled over to the North Carolina Museum of Art where both the ceremony and reception took place.  The venue was stunning, modern, and fun, fitting the couple perfectly.  Lindsay was glowing the whole night, and I’ve never seen Ben happier.  Especially when he swept her off her feet during their first kiss.  I was incredibly honored because they asked me to give a speech (during which I cried from beginning to end, obviously).  Since I am only eloquent approximately once a month, I will close with the ending of my speech.  “When I look at Ben and Lindsay, I just know that they will be together until they are old and gray.  And it’s not because they’ve made it for this long.  It’s because when I look at them I see best friends.  I see puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly.”  Such a wonderful night.  Love you guys!

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P.S. The professional photographer already has tons of pictures up and they are crazy gorgeous.  See them here.






  1. Jean Wilks

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing with us! You and Corey are so sweet and beautiful! Love to you both.

  2. Brynn {chartreuse & a twist}

    what a beautiful event and couple!!! and i can’t get over grandma in the glasses…so freakin’ adorable 😉 XO brynn

  3. Lindsey @ be pretty

    How beautiful and sweet!!! Loved the bridesmaids dresses too… what a lucky group of LOVING friends y’all have! 🙂 Colleen – cute pic of you and Corey! 🙂 xx

  4. Taylor

    Beautiful!! Everything! They are such a cute couple. Love the flower girl’s dress! Colleen, you look beauty in that color!

  5. Lindsay

    holy smokes these are good!! These are amazing!!! I thought I was finally done with my crying but these made me tear up again!

  6. Jackson

    My fiance and I are eepcrixneing a bit of a role reversal, in that I am in the minority of grooms, one who is the primary planner/coordinator of our upcoming wedding. My fiance has great taste and is involved with all major decisions, but is also an extremely busy professional, so I was happy to step up as the experienced party planner, doing the homework and pre-negotiating with vendors, before my fiance and I together make final selections of vendors and the plan. However, I had never planned a wedding before, so I’ve bought many books and read lots of websites and paged through many magazines (I don’t think I can look at another magazine ad of a bride-model laying horizontal on a couch without snickering). Virtually everything is written for the bride who typically plans the wedding which to me means there is a heavy emphasis on decorations and flowers and invitations and linens and color schemes it was all driving me crazy as a guy trying to put together a wedding plan that is simply fun and action oriented, while still allows for nice things. I’ve attended many dozens of weddings over the years and I’ve kept an eye on what makes weddings enjoyable and memorable: keep it festive, keep guests involved, and make sure there is time for the happy couple to spend time with each of the guests. I never saw any correlation with the size of the party, the location, the decorations, even the food quality (and I’m a big foodie), with how successful and fun the wedding was. Given this perspective, I looked and looked for wedding planning advice in all the books and magazines and websites, hoping to find action oriented advice for having a festive wedding reception frankly, I found little useful advice. Finally, just three months before our upcoming wedding, I have found the book I really needed on the recommendation of a wedding DJ friend (who lives and works in another state), I ordered Peter Merry’s book, which I have found to be chock full of actionable ideas from an experienced wedding DJ/entertainment director. He focuses on the concept of entertainment and leaves decorations and other more frivolous things to the other books. He is a welcome voice, a rare male perspective in wedding planning books, that a planning groom, and presumably planning brides as well, needs. I’ve already made adjustments to the reception agenda and found validation with some activity ideas we already had in place. Rest assured, there will be great food and many touches of elegance in the design of our wedding, but I am now more confident as ever we will have a truly festive wedding with Peter Merry’s advice influencing our plan. Many thanks to the author the advice is easily 10 times worth the cover price of the book. I strongly recommend this book to anyone planning their wedding.