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Cutest Wedding Present Ever

Now I’m not normally one to gloat, but I received something this weekend that was too good not to share.  Megan gave us our wedding gift.  Yes, it is approximately one year late, but let’s not pay attention to those silly little details.  So anyways, on Thursday night I am just leisuring my leisure, and in walks Megan with this huge basket fill with basically the entire store of Anthropologie.  Dishes and jars and salt shakers galore.  I have been eyeing all of these items for like months.  Also it was styled to such perfection, I almost didn’t want to take everything out of the basket.  Now my kitchen is considerably more pretty.  Thanks so much Meg!

She also included these fantastically cool lab-inspired vases.  I have big plans for Halloween decorating with this little guy.






  1. Lindsey @ be pretty

    BEST SISTER EVER and receiving a one year later gift is even better! You probably didn’t expect it… 🙂 What a creative gift, I love it, love how it’s all packaged! Happy almost anny! xoxo

  2. christina

    Yep, that seriously is the CUTEST wedding/anniversary gift!

  3. Taylor

    Ooo ooo ooo!! So wonderful! All of it! I love the lab inspired vases. For Malone’s bridal shower, the host had those in her window with just one flower or a simple sprig of green. So simple and lovely. I want every single thing in that basket!

  4. Brynn Looney

    oh my goodness!!! that is such a thoughtful & perfect gift!!! just the type that i love to give {and receive!} 🙂 you lucky girl 🙂 XO brynn

  5. Leigh

    Oh that present is so absolutely adorable and gloat worthy! And not that I want this to happen for the next two years, but do you know that wedding etiquette allows up to two years to give the newlywed couple their gift?!?! Crazy right? I can’t remember where I read that though…

  6. Megan

    Thanks guys. Leigh, I have heard one year. I had been planning to give her this for awhile but I thought it would be fun to wait until close to her one year anniversary. See, I am in in plenty of time. No problem.

  7. Jean Wilks

    HI! Just in time for the new kitchen! Wonderful idea and beautiful to look at and I know you will enjoy these each and every day.
    Congratulations on your home too! Can’t wait to get to NC to see it!
    Love to you both and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    Aunt Jean and Uncle Ed