Fashion for Home

So Corey and I have big plans to start house hunting in the very near future.  And by big plans, I mean I am constantly thinking about how I should probably be starting to do some house sleuthing and am instead doing other things like looking at all the pretty furniture I can buy once I purchase said home.  Corey says that we should wait until we move for me to buy new couches/tables/dressers, but doesn’t it make more sense for me to buy when I actually have money?  I’ve heard you get pretty broke pretty quick when you buy a house.  So anywho, Meg and I recently discovered Fashion for Home (or here for the UK), which has some pretty gorgeous furniture for me to ogle.  Here are some of our most favorite pieces.  That couch is seriously dangerous.  Do you think Corey will notice if it happens to show up at our apartment one day??

1) Yummy tufted couch of my dreams

2) Super fancy looking leather chair

3) Fantastic wooden coffee table

4) Antique looking bureau (full disclosure: not sure what this thing does but it is pretty)

5) Geometric walnut shelves to organize my life

6) Simple but elegant cupboard (don’t you just love that word?)

*This post is sponsored by Fashion for Home but all thoughts and opinions are my own.






  1. Stephanie G

    Love #4. Don’t forget about repurposing. It’s fun too. You are so talented you could do most things.

  2. Jackie R

    Love the leather sofa and great idea for organizing.