Monkey Business Cocktail

Well I’m going to share something pretty special with you today.  I have mentioned before that after the wedding, Corey and I honeymooned in Costa Rica.  We stayed at Arenas Del Mar which was basically paradise.  Highly recommended if you ever want to visit Costa Rica.  During our stay, I fell in love with a beverage.  I despise alcohol in all shapes and sizes, and will only drink something if it is particularly delicious.  Even then, usually just one.  In Costa Rica, I partook in no less than three of these beverages a day.  And probably would have drank more had I not felt like I was going to gain 57 pounds.  What were they?  My friends, may I please introduce you to the Monkey Business.  She tastes like the most delicious banana coconut milkshake you (or I) have ever had.  I missed her desperately and finally made Corey email the lovely people at Arenas Del Mar to get the recipe and they graciously sent it over.

Enjoy!  I know I will.


  1. Kat Dawg


  2. Taylor

    Lordy day, child! These things are amazing. I do feel like I gained 1,000 pounds per sip, but worth it.

  3. marilyn

    Having company this weekednd and now I have a unique new recipe to drink!!!

  4. Natalie

    I honeymooned at Arenas del Mar and wanted to recreate this magical drink. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  5. Colleen

    Hey Natalie! So neat! I bet you loved Arenas del Mar just as much as we did! You are so very welcome, this drink is delicious and everyone should be able to make their own!

  6. Amy

    Thank you SO much for posting this! My husband and I just returned from Arenas Del Mar and we also fell in love with this drink. I googled Monkey Business Drink and behold I found your post! I can’t wait to enjoy this drink again. Thank you!

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  8. Paul & Marc

    thank you thank you.

    my husband and I just returned from Costa Rica. We had the Monkey Biz at El Avian and Marc hasn’t stopped thinking of it. How special to find your post.