The Last Mohican

If you know our family well, you might know that one of our all time favorite movies is The Last of the Mohicans with the eternally fantastic Daniel Day-Lewis.  I have watched it countless times, can quote most every line and spend 50% of my time in the woods pretending to be a Mohican.  Because if you have seen it, you know that those fools can take on like 100 bad guys apiece. They don’t play.  My father always had a running joke that if you were going into the forest, you should probably be taking a Mohican with you.  Needless to say, when Corey called me at work on Thursday to tell me that the Chimney Rock Park would be showing the movie on an outdoor screen for the movie’s 20th anniversary, I was all over it.  Chimney Rock was where some of the most memorable scenes were filmed, and Meg and I have had some previous experience running through the trails doing our best Mohican impressions.  Meg was unable to make it (and was only mildly bitter) so I took some pictures to share.

Side note: Chimney Rock is about 5 feet from Lake Lure, where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  We stopped along the way to get a quick photo.

We drove up the winding park road to this field which I think is typically used for parking.  To get to the actual trails, I think I remember having to take an elevator up to the top of the mountain.  Once we reached the field, we took our blankets and picnic basket to find a suitable spot.  The views were spectacular.  We were pretty much surrounded by mountains on every side and the screen was set up right in front of the steep cliff where the climactic last scene takes place.  I won’t elaborate just in case some of you haven’t seen it.  But it was awesome.

One of the coolest things I have ever done.  And I think the movie may have even been better than usual.  What are some fun and spontaneous things that you guys have been up to lately?






  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Awww so much fun especially since it’s like history with the family! 🙂 And I’m obsessed with the Dirtay D and Lake Lure! SO gorgeous! 🙂 Glad you had fun, sweets! Miss ya!

  2. Taylor

    Beautiful pictures Colleen! And great lil captions haha. As you know, I am a mountain lover; completely mountain obsessed, so this sounds like quite a lovely treat. How neat to watch such a beautiful movie in a beautiful setting like that. Glad you got to experience that.

  3. Stephanie G

    Beautiful pictures! But, they always are. The setting was great for the movie. Nothing spontaneous for me. I plan on livinf in the Biltmore House. HAHA!!!

  4. Jean Wilks

    Thanks for sharing the pictures; sure wish we could have been there with you all. We are still home-bound but Ed is improving day by day. Hope to visit NC in the fall.

  5. marilyn

    Wish we would have gone!! We have climbed those hills! (I mean, mountains), drunk from its streams, seen black bears (tiny ones) and wondered how Daniel Day Lewis and company could run up and over that terrain. Probably hired some sherpas. Thanks for bringing back the pictures. Laughed out loud at the captions.

  6. Lauren Tate

    This is another reason why you and Corey are so darn cute! Serioulsy?! I cannot take it sometimes. And I can totally hear your voice when I read your comments/captions. Hillarious.
    PS- You are getting REALLY good with that camera little lady. 😉

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