Secret Garden

I am not sure if I have actually ever read “The Secret Garden.”  When I was young, I watched the movie version so often, I almost feel as if I did.  It is a very magical and romantic story about a garden representing human life and family.  This time of year always makes me think of this story and long for a secret garden of my own.

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And maybe while I am wishing, I will wish for a secret gardener as well to help me take care of it.

  1. Christina

    I want to go watch The Secret Garden now!!!

  2. Colleen

    Me too Christina! I feel like I need to watch that and The Little Princess ASAP

  3. Katie

    Ah, if only I had a green thumb!

  4. Taylor

    Ohhh I loved the Secret Garden AND The Little Princess!! Such great movies.

  5. Stephanie G

    Beautiful. I know Colleen loves the gates!!

  6. Drew {Coral Cafe}

    I loooove the secret garden! We should totally set up Meggy’s backyard like one! 😉