Before and After

My (Subtly Different) China Hutch Before and After

I had been planning to paint the back of my china hutch for basically 2 years now but never got around to it until last weekend.  I had a hard time deciding on a color because I really wanted it to be neutral.  I was thinking about gray (again) but I decided it might be pretty to try silver (again).  I really need to break out of my color rut with painting but I guess you just like what you like.  I used Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint Specialty Finish in Polished Silver from Home Depot.

Which I have to say I was quite happy with.  It goes on very smoothly and the finish actually does look metallic unlike some paints I have tried.

My hutch was getting quite junky for a while there because it is one of those places where I dump random things when I need a quick cleanup or my cats’ PICA kicks in and they start eating random non-food items.  Here is an internet acceptable version of my hutch junkiness.  I decided I wanted to clean it up a bit and make it less busy.

Which brought me to this…

And a few weeks later, this…

In preparation for paint.  I cleaned the surface somewhat and wiped away dust, etc. with a tack cloth.  I just used the Polished Silver paint and a brush for the job.  I tried a small foam roller but found it does not work well with this paint.  I just hand edged as well.  Here is the coverage after the first coat.

Two coats was all it took.

So, truthfully, I am not sure I am 100% sold.  It is shiny, but when my hutch glass doors are closed, it is hard to see that the back of the hutch is silver and the contrast of the white plates and the silver is maybe not as dramatic as I wanted it to be.  I am wondering if I should buy the “Thundercloud” color in the same type of paint, which is darker…

And maybe mix some with the Polished Silver to make it darker and more dramatic but still metallic???  Or maybe use the same robin’s egg blue as the walls in the adjoining room.

Benjamin Moore Crystal Blue

I was hesitant about this before since I already have so many different blues going on with my bowls and accessories, but now I’m not sure.  What do ya’ll think??  Is shiny and subtle good?  Or should I go more dramatic so you can make out the contrast when the hutch doors are closed?  Help please.

  1. Stephanie G

    Why don’t you wait a week or two and then make up your mind. Can’t tell if the base is black or dark blue in the picture. I think I might just make it same paint you have used but darker. That way your pretty accents in different blues will show up better. They might get lost with blue behind it. I like it.

  2. Taylor

    I like it too. Definitely helps all your pretty dishes and such stand out. I’m with Stephanie; give yoruself some time to adjust to it and then make a decision. BUt I think it looks great.

  3. Megan

    The hutch itself is navy blue.

  4. Megan

    Okay. So I just came to the realization after doing research that I was probably supposed to paint the sides too. Maybe that would help things.

  5. Drew {Coral Cafe}

    This hutch is goooorgeous! I think the silver looks perfect with the navy!
    I want to steal that mint cake stand! These pieces make me super excited to style a tablescape!!

  6. Jean Wilks

    Yes, I like what you have done; I would suggest that you just ENJOY your beautiful hutch and beautiful dishes!!!