Shop Around the Corner

Ever since watching the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” I have dreamed of having my own store.  This doesn’t make all that much sense considering Kathleen Kelly’s book store in the movie went out of business.  Oh well.  In make believe land, where you don’t have to worry about bankruptcy and doing yucky paperwork for the purpose of staying out of jail, doesn’t owning your own store seem so fantastic?  I could fill it with things I love, bring my furry orange babies with me every day, and decorate the stuffing out of it for holidays.  And quite obviously have a charming, interesting, and sophisticated storefront to draw in customers.

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I can definitely take some notes from some of these.  What do you think?  Would you come to my store?

  1. Blair

    I have always dreamed about a book store. One where you can go and drink wine. There is nothing better, then a good book and a glass of wine… Open the store! I’ll shop there when I am in the states. 🙂

  2. Marilyn

    I am amazed how you keep coming up with
    these ideas.

  3. Blair

    always dreamed about my own bookstore, is what I meant to say. The heat is getting to my head today…

  4. Stephanie G

    Yes!!!!! I would love to work it with you. Have a little coffee shop with it. Besides books we could put arts an crafts in it!!

  5. Colleen

    And it would be magical. Probably with books. Obviously macarons. Definitely cats.

  6. Megan

    Okay. Let’s take some notes. Coffee shop-yes, books-yes (maybe only hardbacks allowed), Macarons- obvs, Cats, cats, cats, Mrs. G’s confections, arts and crafts, I am adding pillows and lamps to the list. And mega comfy cute reading chairs. Wine for Blair. And me. Magicals- most definitely. Let’s all pull our money. I’ve got about $5. 🙂

  7. Taylor

    Oh yes indeed magicalness shop! And I willopen my very sophisticated sandwich shop next door. 😉

  8. rossana

    Meraviglia il viaggio in provenza mipiacerebbe vivere questa zona x un lungo tempo

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