Valentine’s Tablescape

Meg and I were discussing last week how it would be fun to create ourselves a Valentine’s Day tablescape.  So this weekend, we rounded up my just out of the box Vera Wang wedding china (isn’t she lovely?), some streamers left over from New Years, a bit of pretty pink boho fabric from the fabric store, some white craft paper and our craft supplies, and created our tablescape.  I found the beautiful silver candlesticks as well as silver taper candles for pretty cheap at World Market.  I heart them and will probably use them forever.     It also has to be mentioned that we raided our parents house, as per usual, for grown up white napkins and silverware.  Megan made her world famous macarons (well they should be) Saturday morning and she really outdid herself.  If these aren’t the prettiest macarons in town, I’ll eat my hat.  We also got super lucky because the fabulous Mrs. Limestone put up a Valentine’s Day Free Downloadable on her blog last week that we happily wrapped around our macarons.  We were quite enamored with how the whole thing turned out and it is for this reason that I’ve included way too many pictures.  My apologies ahead of time.

We hope our tablescape will give you guys some inspiration to make your Valentine’s Day a little more magical and romantical.  Also, be sure to check in tomorrow because Meg is going to post a DIY for our watercolored streamers.

  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    This is absolutely precious!! I love all of the gorgeous little details and the boho fabric is lovely! I have that same exact silver pedestal! 🙂 So pretty and I love seeing the creativity between you and your sissy! 🙂 xo

  2. Susan Airheart

    Sweet! I’m saving this for the big day. Nice china too!

  3. Stephanie G

    Beautiful table.

  4. Taylor

    Lovely as always lady tots. I love how much thought yall put into the lil details. And Meg’s macaroons should be famous… they are a true delight. If someone prepared that table setting for me, I’d marry them tomorrow 😉

  5. Mrs. Limestone

    So pretty! Thanks for the mention. Glad you could put it to use.

  6. marilyn

    You need to send this picture to Vera Wang. The setting is exquisite. The details are masterful.

  7. nancy tate

    Hope you are having as much fun with your blog as I have reading them. You girls have such talent…keep it coming! What an eye for detail and total design!!

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  9. Megan

    Thanks everyone! We had fun putting it together. Thanks Mrs. Limestone, that was literally exactly what we were looking for. We were trying to think of something to wrap around the macaron and like magic, you posted that. Funny how that happens. 🙂

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  11. Drew {Coral Cafe}

    Oh I LOVE your Valentine’s tablescape!! You guys did an amazing job!
    Can’t wait to help style one with you guys!