Ireland: Galway and Connemara

After Dingle, we drove up to stay a couple of nights in a little town called Oranmore, just outside of Galway. Although we enjoyed our time in Oranmore, if I had to do it again I would probably just stay in Galway so we would have been able to spend more time there. We spent a

Ireland: Kilkenny and Dingle

Hi friends! The past month has been a total dream but to be honest I am tired and ready for a big long nap. We spent two weeks in Ireland and Scotland, then I went to California for an amazing photography workshop, then came straight back to work, including second-shooting weddings the weekends before and after

Chicago on Film

I realize that doing a recap post of a previous trip while also telling you that this is my last post before my trip to Ireland and Scotland is completely obnoxious. I don’t blame you for getting as annoyed with me as I do with those people that “summer.” Who are those people really? But

Ireland Itinerary

Well it happened. Summer is over for all intents and purposes and fall will soon be upon us. Like a broken record, I am constantly saying how quickly time is going. And it just keeps going faster. We took a trip to Chicago for our cousin’s wedding this past weekend which was lovely but too

Charleston on Film

Charleston is my happy place.  Whenever I step foot inside the city, I start to smile from ear to ear.  I am putting into the world that we will one day live there.  It will happen people just you wait.  In the meantime I will continue to visit once a year and take an incessant amount of

New Orleans on Film

An interesting thing that you might not know about me is that I don’t really drink alcohol.  It’s not a decision based on morals, I just happen to not really like most alcoholic beverages unless they taste like a chocolate milkshake in which case I will consume it immediately.  Since New Orleans is so well